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Vision for the ministry

 1.  To be very concerned about living out these words of Jesus:  “To deny myself, to take up my cross daily, and to follow Jesus.”


 2.  To teach and encourage all believers to be baptized or filled with the Holy Spirit, so that they will have the power to be who Jesus is and do what Jesus did.


 3.  To “feed the sheep” and “tend the lambs” as Jesus said.


 4.  To lay hands on the sick that they may be healed and to cast out demons in Jesus’ name.


 5.  To teach the people and aid them in the true dynamics of praise and worship.


 6.  To pray that God will rise up those who will labor in the “fields that are white unto the harvest”, knowing people in the world are harassed and helpless like sheep without a shepherd.


 7.  To pray with Jesus that “they may all be one.”


 8.  To endeavor to practice faithfully that Jesus is the “head” of the church.


 9.  To teach and practice that “ONLY” when we are obedient to him, do we have “REAL” love for Jesus.


10. To equip the saints for the work of the ministry.

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